Meet The Team

Andrew Crowder
Operations Director

Hi, I'm Andrew! I oversee the day to day running of  A G Group 

Likes: Golf, Sherry and Crisps

Dislikes: Fish and when there's no snacks in the office

Fun Fact: I once got asked for my autograph in a shop because somebody thought I was Mr Bean

Alex Parkin
Service Director

Hi, I'm Alex! I'm in charge of managing the service department!

Likes: Hot dogs, Guinea Pigs and Breaking Bad

Dislikes: Being too hot, Spiders, and Hairless Cats 

Fun Fact: I once auditioned to be on The Chase and very nearly got to face The Beast!

Dawn Doxey
Account Manager

Hi, I'm Dawn! I'm an account manager for A G Group and I look after the Rotherham and Doncaster area mainly!

Likes: Holidays, Dancing the night away and my job of course!

Dislikes: Coffee, Horror movies, and taking no for an answer

Fun Fact: I like (a lot) David Beckham (phew!!), who has the same birthday as me (all birthday cards are welcome )

Steve Jordan
New Business Sales Executive

Hi I`m Steve and I am the New Business Executive, I work around the South Yorkshire region for AG Group Ltd

Likes: Sheffield United Winning

Dislikes: Sheffield United Losing

Fun Fact: Steve was filmed in the Crucible watching Snooker at the first televised 147 break, when... he should have been at work!


Lindsey Martin
Administration Accounts Supervisor

Hi! I`m Lindsey, I look after the accounts and the admin team.

Likes: Copious amounts of Tea

Dislikes: Spiders and Marmite, in any form!

Fun Fact: Played a game of 9 ball pool with Ronnie The Rocket O`Sullivan




Helen Morgan
Administration Assistant

Hi, I'm Helen! I work in administration, and I organise service calls and look after the maintenance of customer accounts.

Likes: My dogs, Ice Hockey and Prosecco

Dislikes: Fish, Traffic Jams and Rain

Fun Fact: My favourite place is Disneyland and it is my dream to one day be a princess in the parade 

Karen Jones
Contract Administrator

Hi, I'm Karen! My job is to manage all of our contracts with current customers! 

Likes: My Grandchildren, Socialising, and Summer 

Dislikes: Moody People, Winter and Milky Tea

Fun Fact: I once shared a lift with Mike Tyson

Gemma Johnson
Administration Assistant

Hi, I'm Gemma! I work in the admin department of A G Group.

Likes: Food, Movies and Socialising

Dislikes: Arrogant People, Sprouts and Maths!

Fun Fact: I once helped organise a 20 mile walk, as well as face painting in aid of CLIC Sargent, the children's cancer charity

Amanda Fox
A G Rentals Administrator

Hi, I'm Amanda! I manage the rentals and leasing side of the business. 

Likes: Strong Coffee, Strawberry Bonbons and the Seaside

Dislikes: Moths, Onions, and Dark Nights

Fun Fact: I am a trained salsa dancer and regularly compete in competitions around England

Chris Besant

Hi, I'm Chris! I work in distribution so I make sure our customers never run out of toner or consumables!

Likes: Caravanning, Fishing and DIY

Dislikes: Long haul flights, Tv adverts and Gardening

Fun Fact: In my previous job, I was a stunt double on The Teletubbies 

Jonny Wright

Hi, I'm Jonny! My job is printer and photocopier servicing and repair!

Likes: Cognac, Martial arts films and Building flat pack furniture

Dislikes: Sudoku, Green tea and Slow drivers 

Fun Fact: My favourite actor is Jean Claude Van Dam and I once stole a lifesize cutout of him from the cinema and I keep it in my bedroom!

Michael Wolverson

Hi, I'm Michael! My job is to carry out service callouts and repairs. 

Likes: Fried pickles, Subway sandwiches and Playing XBOX

Dislikes: Gravy, Velcro shoes and the film The Bodyguard 

Fun Fact: I'm allergic to cucumbers and if I accidentally touch one in a shop I break out in a rash!

Paul Blake

Hi, I`m Paul, I work in the warehouse and deliver all your consumables

Likes: Mountain Biking and The Killers

Dislikes: Coffee and Ignorance

Fun Fact: I met snooker player Mark Williams in a bar in Thailand

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