uniFLOW is a software platform designed to bring the full value of multi-functional devices (MFD) to the organisation, making the most of your investment. The modular structure of uniFLOW and the tight integration of Canon hardware allows the system to be built depending upon the organisation’s exact requirements.

By controlling both the print and scanning processes of the MFD, uniFLOW allows the IT manager to administer one system with one set of user accounts and one database.

I.R.I.S Solutions

IRISPowerscan™ is a scalable, production capture solution designed to transform paper-based documents into valuable digital assets at speed. Its powerful text recognition engine has extensive language support for over 137 languages, ideal for multinational organisations working with documents in many languages.

Therefore Online For Business

Therefore Online for business is an electronic document management system for businesses who need more control and security of information within their organisation. This ready to use solution allows users to access documents wherever they are, simplifying the way employees work and improving business efficiencies.

iW360 Office Document Handling and Publishing Suite

iW360 is a powerful document handling and publishing software suite that simplifies and streamlines the handling of hard copy and electronic documents throughout the document lifecycle from gathering, editing and combining to sharing, storing and reuse. The user-friendly desktop interface allows users to efficiently achieve all of this and significantly improve office productivity.