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We understand that security is a top priority for every business, that’s why we’ve teamed up with cyber-security experts McAfee to bring you, not only protection against today’s security threats, but those of the future.



Protecting your printers should be as easy as pushing a button. That’s why our imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices are secure by design. But we understand the risks of being connected in a modern world. Malware is advancing faster than ever and that’s why we constantly look to bring our customers the latest in security and innovation.

Our new partnership with leading security experts, McAfee1, makes sure you have the very best in print security. As threats evolve, so too does the McAfee Embedded Control Software, meaning your business will always be protected.

Adam Poole, B2B Marketing & Sales Excellence Director at Canon UK says, “The office of the future is evolving and so are our products. We understand that your device isn’t just a printer anymore, but a connected hub supporting numerous cloud applications to streamline your workflows and enhance productivity. Our partnership with McAfee gives you the most up-to-date security to help protect your connected devices against the threats that we can predict today as well as the unknown threats of tomorrow.”


The security industry moves fast. But we won’t leave you behind. Our regular firmware upgrades provide the latest security innovation. No expensive hardware replacements needed, we just maximise your investments through access to six-monthly updates. You get the latest features and functionality, including McAfee Embedded Control Software which will become available in our upcoming version 3.9 firmware update.

“We want to give our customers the best value for their IT investment. As the security landscape advances, it’s easy for device protection to become out of date. With each firmware update, our customers will be given the latest innovations and the best security solutions available until end of life” continues Poole.


We understand that it can be difficult to manage security threats across a fleet of devices. But we will work closely with McAfee to offer a constantly evolving whitelist of authorised applications, so you know you’re safe from unknown applications, unintentional breaches and malicious attacks.  Our Unified Firmware Platform (UFP) makes management a breeze with the guarantee that the same quality of security and user experience is rolled out across every imageRUNNER ADVANCE device.

“As the number of connected devices in an organisation grows, so do the risks from malware and attacks,” says Brent Smith, director of OEM Sales, McAfee. “McAfee Embedded Control ensures the integrity of systems by only allowing authorised access to devices and blocking unauthorised executables. In today’s modern-day threat landscape, we consider this alignment with Canon to be a win and one that can help provide companies with the necessary assurance that their confidential business data will remain protected, even as office document workflows evolve.”

“As enterprises continue to undergo their own respective digital transformations, it will become increasingly important for office equipment manufacturers to integrate cybersecurity features at the design level,” says Keith Kmetz, program vice president of imaging, printing, and document solutions, IDC. “Canon and McAfee design engineers joining forces to create an MFP that embeds these features into the device is a significant step in the future printing industry.”

1 This feature will only be available for Third Generation, III Edition devices.

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